Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 school year, Classes begin Sept. 7, 2017.

Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 school year, Classes begin Sept. 7, 2017.
Accepting registrations for grades Pre-K-6th. Email

Monday, July 23, 2018

Enrolling for the 2018-2019 School Year

Classical Conversations Newtown Square 2018-2019 Calendar
Community Day Wednesday: 9-12pm  Foundations, 1-3pm Essentials
Liberti Church 3722 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square

Director:  Julie Fisher (484) 885-5182,

1st Quarter
Community Goal:  Get acquainted and build relationships
Fine arts:  Drawing
Science:  Biology

Campus Orientation Saturday, 8/18 10-11am Panera in Newtown Sq.
Week  1--   9/ 5
Week  2--   9/12
Week  3--   9/19
Picnic at a Ridley Creek Park Thursday, 9/20 Site 11A+B 10-1pm
Break 9/26
Week  4--  10/3
Week  5--  10/ 10
Week  6--  10/17 Pizza with Papas 
Mom’s Night Out Friday, 10/19 7-9pm
Field Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo TBD

2nd Quarter
Community Goal:  Everyone’s Participation
Fine arts:  Musical Theory and Tin Whistle
Science:  Biology

Fall Break 10/24
Week  7--  10/31
Week  8--  11/ 7 Open House
Week  9--  11/ 14 
Thanksgiving Break 11/21
Week 10--  11/28
Week 11--   12/ 5
Week 12--  12/ 12 Halfway Hoagies
Field Trip to UPenn Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology TBD

3rd Quarter
Community Goal: Stay the course
Fine arts: Great Artists
Science:  Earth Science

Mom’s Night Out Friday, 1/4 TBD
Week 13--  1/ 9
Week 14--  1/16
Week 15--  1/23
Geology Presentation with Dr. Stack Friday, 1/25 10-11am Liberti
Break  1/30
Week 16--  2/ 6
Week 17--  2/13
Week 18--  2/20 Pizza Lunch

4th Quarter
Community Goal:  Encourage mastery
Fine arts:  Orchestra
Science:  Earth Science

Break  2/27
Week 19--  3/6
Week 20--  3/13 Open House
Week 21--  3/20
Spring Break 3/27
Week 22--  4/ 3
Week 23--  4/10
Snow Day*--  4/17 (Easter 4/21)
Week 4/24 Pizza Lunch
Field Trip to Crystal Cave TBD
End of Year Program Rehearsal and Memory Master Testing, 5/1
End of year Program and Potluck Dinner Wednesday, 5/8 5-7pm

Looking back on last year with photos...

Friday, September 22, 2017

CC Newtown Square is in session!

We are off to a good start for our second year as a chapter in Newtown Square!  For our family, this meant starting the year off with a bang, quite literally.  These past two weekends, Chadds Ford has had some fantastic re-enactments of a continental army encampment and The Battle of Brandywine and that have just added to my 2 1/2, 5, and 7 year-old's enthusiasm for US History.

It is not too late to join our CC community!  This year our history memory-work pertains to US History in addition to US geography.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Week 24 Egg Protector Project

Our community had an "egg-cellent" time!  None of the egg protectors worked,
 though the wind afforded an unexpected variable.  Better success next time.  
Kudos to Keri who did not fall from the window herself!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Community Calendar 2017-2018

We meet once a week for community days which include:

  • All-family assembly (prayer, scripture, announcements, etc), 30 minutes
  • Introduction of weekly grammar in 7 subjects, 30 minutes
  • Fine Arts project, 30 minutes
  • Science experiment, 30 minutes
  • Oral student presentations, 30 minutes
  • Review game(s), 30 minutes
  • Brown bag lunch, 30 minutes
  • Recess, 30 minutes

Community days for Foundations are Thursdays 9AM-12PM.
We then break for lunch and recess to follow.

Registration forms can be printed directly from the CC Website.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fine Arts, Orchestra

Weeks 19-24 bring a study of the orchestra, its composers and instruments. We will introduce concepts weekly on community days, and you can expand upon the studies at home.

The focus of your teaching at home is to help your children develop a love and appreciation for this music.

Ways to do this are many, but a few suggestions include:
  • listen to music while doing chores, in the car, or while drawing/painting, 
  • Make a game out of paying attention to and recognizing the instruments played during a song,
  • attend a symphony together (for younger students, look for a children's program which has adjusted length and will typically showcase different instruments in a way for clear understanding),
  • ask a friend who plays an instrument for a short lesson and demonstration,
  • find books, cds, and videos at your local library about different instruments, composers, and musical time periods,
  • use music as an aid for quiet reflective time while everyone draws, journals, or prays,
  • seek out ways to let your children get their hands on instruments--a museum, a touch-and-feel symphony, friends or family
  • talk about how music can facilitate worship, and enjoy worshipping in song together as a family
  • consider private music lessons for your child. Most music teachers will encourage even the youngest of students to begin, but you're never too old to start! If cost is a barrier, start with the parent learning from a book or video and then teaching the children as they progress. (Remember, we don't have to be experts, just lead learners!)
We know that God is a musical God, and in Heaven there will be much music! We know that God made us musical beings--we are soothed, invigorated, alleviated, and ignited through music, yet it is something that is being taught less and less. We gain the full benefit of music when we study it. In addition, science has shown that there is no better activity to aid in our learning of every other subject than learning a musical instrument. Ages ago, the study of music was not seen as elective but as core. Let's reclaim this lost perspective!

picture source: Classical FM Radio