Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 school year, Classes begin Sept. 7, 2017.

Now Enrolling for 2018-2019 school year, Classes begin Sept. 7, 2017.
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Providing a Full Social Experience

One of the most common questions we receive in regards to homeschooling is about the socialization of our kids because it is a common assumption that homeschooling means living in isolation. Thankfully, this is just not true.

The community aspect of Classical Conversations was the biggest draw for us our first year, and as the director of CC Newtown Square, my desire is to provide a nurturing community of friendships as well as the traditional social experiences and rites of passage that you would expect in traditional schooling scenarios.

Here's how we make that happen:
  1. Weekly community days--the kids are grouped by age (max of 8 students in each group) where they learn with the same tutor each week. Together they work through science experiments, art projects, and play educational review games. The highlight for my 3 kids has always come after class, when we have lunch together in the cafeteria and then have recess outside or in the gym. This is where and when their friendships have blossomed.
    Learning about the solar system on community day.
  2. Field Trips--We offer a variety of optional field trips. Sometimes they are cultural experiences such as a children's theater or symphony, or sometimes supplemental to a subject we are studying in history or science. However, a favorite of all is "Park Day" when we all meet at a local park in the late morning and then stay for a picnic lunch = free and fun!
    Swim day
  3. Special events. This year in our community, we are hosting several special days such as Pajama Day before Halloween, Harvest lunch before Thanksgiving, a Valentine's Exchange, Donuts with Dad, Christmas party with crafts and story time, and an end of the year program for extended family. Having these keystone events has created special memories and deepened friendships.
    Choir of little angels at the community Christmas program
In the future, we plan to alternate the Christmas party every other year with a Christmas pageant, and would like to see a Spring field & game day established.

We welcome the dreams and desires of all families in our community. Have a gift or talent that you want to use to coordinate something meaningful for the group? Let me know!

See our Community Calendar for details of this year's social activities!

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